Article 1. Formation and Dissolution
Sec 45-1901. Definitions
Sec 45-1902. Formation
Sec 45-1903. Contest of formation; appeal
Sec 45-1904. Corporate existence
Sec 45-1905. Dissolution of authority
Article 2. Administration
Sec 45-1921. Board of directors; qualification and organization; compensation
Sec 45-1922. Meetings; notice
Sec 45-1923. Administrative powers and duties; executive director; annual report
Article 3. Powers and Duties
Sec 45-1941. Cooperation with governmental entities
Sec 45-1942. Limitation on powers
Sec 45-1943. Functional powers of board
Sec 45-1944. Planning
Sec 45-1945. Acquisition of water
Sec 45-1946. Acquisition of property; limited eminent domain authority; survey and inspection rights
Sec 45-1947. Construction work and purchases by bid only; exceptions; award of contract; bond
Article 4. Financial Provisions
Sec 45-1971. Administrative and operation budgets
Sec 45-1972. Groundwater augmentation and conservation assistance fee; transfer to authority
Sec 45-1973. Water supply fees
Sec 45-1974. Accounting classifications; bond funds; general fund
Sec 45-1975. Receipt of monies; disbursements; operation of accounting system
Sec 45-1976. Payment of interest coupons; investment of bond fund monies
Sec 45-1977. Annual financial statement and audit
Article 5. Revenue Bonds
Sec 45-1991. Authority to issue bonds
Sec 45-1992. Prerequisites to issuance
Sec 45-1993. Scope of resolution
Sec 45-1994. Hearing; findings
Sec 45-1995. Issuance of bonds
Sec 45-1996. Provisions of bonds; sale
Sec 45-1997. Certification of bonds by attorney general
Sec 45-1998. Validity of bonds
Sec 45-1999. Water augmentation authority bonds as legal investments