Article 1. General Provisions
Sec 45-801.01. Declaration of policy
Sec 45-802.01. Definitions
Sec 45-802.01. Definitions
Sec 45-803.01. Effect on vested water rights; effect in other proceedings
Article 2. Storage Facility Permits
Sec 45-811.01. Underground storage facility permit
Sec 45-812.01. Groundwater savings facility permit
Sec 45-813.01. Land use ordinances
Sec 45-814.01. Contents of storage facility permit
Sec 45-815.01. Facilities not qualifying as storage facilities
Article 3. Water Storage Permits and Recovery Well Permits
Sec 45-831.01. Water storage permits
Sec 45-832.01. Use of stored water
Sec 45-833.01. Designation of nonrecoverable water
Sec 45-834.01. Recovery of stored water; recovery well permit; emergency temporary recovery well permit; well construction
Sec 45-835.01. Simultaneous applications
Sec 45-836.01. Effect of storage facilities, water storage and recovery on service areas
Article 3.1. Indian Water Rights Settlements
Sec 45-841.01. Accrual of long-term storage credits; Indian water rights settlements
Article 4. Accounting
Sec 45-851.01. Recovery of stored water on an annual basis
Sec 45-852.01. Long-term storage accounts
Sec 45-853.01. Restricted uses of long-term storage credits
Sec 45-854.01. Assignability of long-term storage credits
Sec 45-855.01. Effect of long-term storage credits on assured water supply and adequate water supply
Sec 45-856.01. Protection of the stored water
Sec 45-857.01. Groundwater replenishment district incidental replenishment factor; definitions
Sec 45-858.01. Master replenishment account; debits and credits
Sec 45-859.01. Conservation district account; replenishment reserve subaccount; debits and credits
Sec 45-860.01. Water district account; debits and credits
Article 5. Permit Application Procedures, Financial Provisions and Enforcement
Sec 45-871.01. Permit application; fee; notice of application; objections; hearing; appeal
Sec 45-872.01. Water measuring devices
Sec 45-873.01. In lieu water reporting requirements; withdrawal fees
Sec 45-874.01. Long-term storage credit recovery fee; amount; notice; payment; penalty
Sec 45-875.01. Annual reports; penalty
Sec 45-876.01. Annual report; groundwater replenishment district and replenishment district members; penalties
Sec 45-877.01. Annual reports by conservation districts; penalties
Sec 45-878.01. Annual reports by water districts; penalties
Sec 45-879.01. Annual reports certification; records
Sec 45-880.01. Inspections, investigations and audits
Sec 45-881.01. Cease and desist order; temporary cease and desist order; hearing; injunctive relief
Sec 45-882.01. Violation; civil penalties
Article 6. State Demonstration Projects
Sec 45-891.01. Purposes
Sec 45-892.01. Definitions
Sec 45-893.01. Application for project permits; application requirement; permit specifications
Sec 45-894.01. Use for replenishment purposes
Sec 45-895.01. Storage of water; availability and disposition of stored water
Sec 45-896.01. Assumption of responsibility for stored water
Sec 45-897.01. State water storage fund; disbursement of monies
Sec 45-898.01. Indemnification and insurance