Article 1. Supervision of Dams, Reservoirs and Projects
Sec 45-1201. Definitions
Sec 45-1202. Jurisdiction of director of water resources; records; rules; notice of exemption
Sec 45-1203. Approval by director of proposed dams or enlargements of existing dams; application for construction or enlargement
Sec 45-1204. Estimated cost of dam; application fees
Sec 45-1205. Charges against irrigation projects; disposition of proceeds
Sec 45-1206. Approval of repair, alteration or removal of dam
Sec 45-1207. Approval or disapproval of applications; commencing construction
Sec 45-1208. Inspections and investigations during construction; modifications; notice
Sec 45-1209. Notice of completion; license of final approval; removal of dam
Sec 45-1210. Petition for review
Sec 45-1211. Time for filing petition; board of review
Sec 45-1212. Supervision over maintenance and operation; remedial measures; lien
Sec 45-1212.01. Dam repair fund
Sec 45-1213. Inspection upon complaint
Sec 45-1214. Investigations for review of design and construction
Sec 45-1215. Liabilities of state and owners of dam in action for damages
Sec 45-1216. Violations; classification
Sec 45-1217. Action and procedures to restrain violations
Sec 45-1218. Dam repair loans
Sec 45-1219. Dam repair grants
Sec 45-1220. Deposit of monies; dam repair fund
Sec 45-1221. Cease and desist order; temporary cease and desist order; hearing; injunctive relief
Sec 45-1222. Violation; civil penalties
Sec 45-1223. Stay of director's decision; precedence of actions for judicial review