Article 1. Definitions
Sec 46-101. Definitions
Article 2. State Board of Public Welfare
Article 3. State Department of Public Welfare
Sec 46-132. Special services unit
Sec 46-132.01. Depositions; attendance of witnesses; production of papers
Sec 46-133. Duties of attorney general
Sec 46-134. Powers and duties; expenditure; limitation
Sec 46-135. Power to promulgate rules concerning confidential nature of records
Sec 46-136. Powers of state department regarding work projects for unemployed persons
Sec 46-137. Administrative expenses
Sec 46-138. Expenditures for public welfare
Sec 46-138.01. Public assistance and administration revolving fund
Sec 46-138.02. Duplicate checks; notice; form and effect
Sec 46-140. Duty of employees to report violations; penalties for failure to do so
Sec 46-140.01. Verifying applicants for public benefits; violation; classification; citizen suits
Sec 46-141. Criminal record information checks; fingerprinting employees and applicants; definition
Article 4. Out-of-Wedlock Pregnancy Prevention
Sec 46-151. Department of health services; out-of-wedlock pregnancies; goals
Article 5. County Welfare Advisory Council
Article 6. Lifespan Respite Care Program
Sec 46-171. Definitions
Sec 46-172. Lifespan respite care program; program termination
Sec 46-173. Lifespan respite care advisory committee
Article 7. Section on Aging
Sec 46-181. Section on aging
Sec 46-182. Section powers and duties; costs
Sec 46-183. Advisory council on aging; members; appointment; terms; compensation; officers; subcommittee
Sec 46-184. Advisory council duties
Article 8. Arizona Older Americans Act-Nonmedical Home and Community Based Care Services
Sec 46-191. Definitions
Sec 46-192. Identification of services
Sec 46-193. Respite care for care givers of the elderly program; definition