Chapter 2. ASSISTANCE  

Article 1. Procedure to Claim Assistance
Sec 46-201. Application for assistance; notice of penalties
Sec 46-202. Rules
Sec 46-203. Investigation of application; witnesses; financial institutions
Sec 46-204. Granting of assistance; notice to applicant; award; certification to department of administration; reimbursement
Sec 46-205. Appeal to state department from denial of application or failure of the local office to act; consideration by state department on own motion
Sec 46-206. Payment of assistance; authority of department of administration; limitation upon payment from state funds; methods of payment
Sec 46-207. Grant plus income; uniform assistance plan; amount of assistance
Sec 46-207.01. Temporary assistance for needy families; amount of cash assistance
Sec 46-208. Nontransferability and nonassignability of assistance; exemption from process
Sec 46-209. Residence in state after assistance granted; basis for discontinuance of payments to recipients of assistance
Sec 46-210. Effect on domicile of absence while in military service
Sec 46-211. Periodic reconsideration and change in amount of assistance
Sec 46-212. Assistance subject to amendment of law
Sec 46-213. Duty of recipient to notify department of change in status; recovery of excess assistance paid; violation; classification
Sec 46-214. Fee for representing applicant or recipient in civil proceeding under article prohibited
Sec 46-215. Welfare fraud; program disqualification; classification
Sec 46-216. Violation; classification
Sec 46-217. Finger imaging program; temporary assistance to needy families
Sec 46-218. Finger imaging program; supplemental nutrition assistance
Article 2.1. Short-Term Crisis Services
Sec 46-241. Definitions
Sec 46-241.01. Short-term crisis services
Sec 46-241.02. Eligibility for short-term crisis services
Sec 46-241.03. Appeals; hearings
Sec 46-241.04. Ineligibility for short-term crisis services
Sec 46-241.05. Method of payment
Article 2.2. Domestic Violence Victims
Sec 46-244. Victims of domestic violence; identification; referrals; waiver
Article 3. Supplemental Payment Programs
Sec 46-251. Mandatory state supplemental payments program
Sec 46-253. Ineligibility
Article 5. Temporary Assistance for Needy Families
Sec 46-291. Administration and notice; expenditure limitation; locating deserting parents and assets; violation; classification
Sec 46-292. Eligibility for assistance
Sec 46-293. Ineligibility for other public assistance
Sec 46-294. Duration of assistance
Sec 46-294. Duration of assistance
Sec 46-295. Recovery of public assistance from legally responsible persons; fund
Sec 46-296. Eligibility for assistance; unwed minor parents
Sec 46-297. Electronic benefit transfers; prohibitions; penalties; definitions
Sec 46-298. Diversion from long-term assistance; report; definition
Sec 46-299. Jobs program; definition
Sec 46-300. Sanctions
Sec 46-300.01. JOBS program; privatization; definitions
Sec 46-300.02. Orders to seek employment; persons owing child support
Sec 46-300.03. Individual development accounts; definition
Sec 46-300.04. Perinatal substance abuse treatment and services
Sec 46-300.05. Substance abuse treatment
Sec 46-300.06. Food bank assistance for welfare to work and low income families program
Article 5.1. Choice of Practitioner in Eye Care Services
Sec 46-301. Definitions
Sec 46-302. Selection of practitioner
Sec 46-303. Violation; injunction
Article 6. Conformity
Sec 46-311. Conformity with federal legislation
Article 7. Child Care Food Program
Sec 46-321. Fingerprinting; affidavit
Article 8. Arizona Special Supplemental Food Program Fund for Women, Infants and Children
Sec 46-331. Arizona special supplemental food program fund for women, infants and children; purpose; reimbursement