Article 1. Definitions
Sec 6-101. Definitions
Article 2. Department of Financial Institutions
Sec 6-110. Department of financial institutions
Sec 6-111. Superintendent; appointment; qualifications; salary
Sec 6-112. Deputy superintendent; examiners; personnel
Sec 6-113. Acts prohibited; officers; employees
Sec 6-114. Balloon payments prohibited; applicability; exemptions
Sec 6-115. Insurance premium transmitters; timely payment required; civil penalty
Sec 6-116. Sale of securities; disclosure
Article 3. Powers and Duties
Sec 6-121. Examination; supervision
Sec 6-122. Superintendent; authority; duties; exemption
Sec 6-123. Superintendent; powers
Sec 6-123.01. Fingerprint requirements; fees
Sec 6-124. Investigations; compelling testimony and the production of documents; self-incrimination
Sec 6-125. Annual examination assessment of financial institutions and enterprises; costs of foreign examination; payment
Sec 6-126. Application fees for financial institutions and enterprises
Sec 6-127. Disposition of revenue
Sec 6-128. Joint examinations; acceptance of federal regulatory and other authorized examinations
Sec 6-129. Records; disclosure and limitations on disclosure; evidentiary effect
Sec 6-129.01. Enterprise documents open to public inspection
Sec 6-130. Limitation of personal liability
Sec 6-131. Right to sue and defend in actions; liability limitation; award of fees and other expenses
Sec 6-131.01. Appointment of superintendent as receiver; award of property, fees and costs
Sec 6-132. Violation of title; civil penalty
Sec 6-133. Violations; classification
Sec 6-134. False statements as to financial condition; classification
Sec 6-135. Department revolving fund; use of fund
Sec 6-135.01. Department receivership revolving fund; use of fund
Sec 6-136. Violation of order or injunction; penalty
Sec 6-137. Cease and desist orders; injunctions; public inspection
Sec 6-138. Hearings
Sec 6-139. Judicial review
Article 4. Acquisition of Control of a Bank, Trust Company or Savings and Loan Association
Sec 6-141. Definitions
Sec 6-142. Unlawful control
Sec 6-143. Exempt persons and transactions
Sec 6-144. Acquisition of control; approval of superintendent
Sec 6-145. Application for approval
Sec 6-146. Material change of fact; filing amended statements
Sec 6-147. Denial of application; grounds
Sec 6-148. Failure to act on application as approval
Sec 6-149. Determination of control of one person by another; hearing; notice
Sec 6-150. Appointment of superintendent as agent for service of process; forwarding of process; consent to jurisdiction
Sec 6-151. Injunctions
Sec 6-153. Acquisition of voting securities in violation of article; limitation on rights as shareholder; injunction
Article 5. Proceedings for Officer Removal
Sec 6-161. Suspension, removal or prohibition; hearing; notice
Sec 6-162. Temporary prohibition; injunction
Sec 6-163. Judicial review
Sec 6-164. Attorney fees and expenses
Sec 6-165. Enforcement of order