Article 1. General Provisions
Sec 6-181. Declaration of purposes
Sec 6-182. Transition
Sec 6-183. Rights, powers and privileges of national banks
Sec 6-184. General corporate and banking powers; incidental powers; deposit insurance; federal reserve and home loan bank membership; agency relationship
Sec 6-185. Board of directors' meetings; review; report of failure of quorum to meet
Sec 6-186. Annual audit and report
Sec 6-187. Authority to declare dividends; limitation
Sec 6-188. Bonds and insurance; coverage
Sec 6-189. Capital obligations; approval; convertibility
Sec 6-190. Bank offices; standards and term of approval; closing; automated teller machines
Sec 6-191. Foreign banking offices; additional powers; separate accounts; additional offices; definition
Sec 6-192. Investments in international and foreign banking and financing corporations; limitation; consent; exceptions
Sec 6-193. Bank and holding company subsidiaries; powers
Article 2. Banking Permit
Sec 6-201. Authority to engage in banking business; exception
Sec 6-202. Existing banks
Sec 6-203. Application for banking permit; organizational application; final application
Sec 6-204. Issuance of banking permit; trust business; conditional approval; hearing; banker's bank; definitions
Sec 6-205. Term of permit; surrender; revocation
Article 3. Merger, Consolidation and Conversion of National and State Banks
Sec 6-211. Definitions
Sec 6-212. Resulting national bank
Sec 6-215. Retention of nonconforming assets; permission; maximum value
Sec 6-216. Continuation of business and corporate entity
Sec 6-217. Emergency acquisition of in-state financial institution
Article 4. Accounts
Sec 6-231. Deposit accounts
Sec 6-232. Powers of attorney; notice of revocation; payment after notice
Sec 6-233. Adverse claim to bank deposit; court order required; definitions
Sec 6-234. Deposit of minor; school saving plan
Sec 6-235. Bank deposits in two or more names; payment to survivor
Sec 6-236. Payment of deposits in trust
Sec 6-237. Payment of deposit to foreign personal representative
Article 5. Regulation of Conduct of Business
Sec 6-241. Banking days; notice; closing
Sec 6-242. Preservation of bank records; regulations; disposal
Sec 6-243. Acquisition of property to satisfy or protect loans
Sec 6-244. Borrowing by bank; treatment as capital
Sec 6-245. Pledge of assets; rediscount; exception to requirement of security
Sec 6-246. Permitted investments; limitations
Article 6. Reserves
Sec 6-271. Reserves against deposits; rule; limitations
Sec 6-272. Deposits exempt from reserve requirement
Sec 6-273. Form of reserves; limitations
Sec 6-275. Computation of reserves
Article 7. Arizona Interstate Bank and Savings and Loan Association Act
Sec 6-321. Definitions
Sec 6-322. Interstate acquisitions; approval of superintendent; exception
Sec 6-324. De novo entry by certain financial institutions
Sec 6-325. Failure to act on application as approval
Sec 6-326. Denial of application; grounds
Sec 6-327. Applicable laws and rules; cooperative agreements; contracting exemption
Sec 6-328. Deposit concentration limits
Sec 6-329. Deposit production offices
Sec 6-330. Rights, powers and privileges of out-of-state banks
Sec 6-331. Enforcement
Article 9. Loans
Sec 6-351. Definitions
Sec 6-352. Limitations of obligations to a bank; exceptions; definitions
Sec 6-353. Obligations of directors, officers and employees; reports
Sec 6-354. Loans on capital stock or capital obligations of a bank
Sec 6-355. Change loans
Article 11. Trust Business
Sec 6-381. Authority of bank to engage in the trust business
Sec 6-382. Powers of bank as fiduciary
Sec 6-383. Identification and segregation of fiduciary assets
Sec 6-384. Deposit of fiduciary funds
Sec 6-385. Substitution of corporate fiduciary
Sec 6-386. Investment by fiduciaries; governmental obligations
Article 12. Prohibited Practices; Penalties
Sec 6-391. Unauthorized conduct of banking business; false representation
Sec 6-394. Prohibited ownership or control of a financial institution and interest in insurer insuring deposits; assets and reserves of insurer
Article 13. Liquidation and Dissolution
Sec 6-395. Possession by superintendent and receivership
Sec 6-395.01. Powers of superintendent in possession
Sec 6-395.02. Federal deposit insurance corporation as receiver
Sec 6-395.03. Federal deposit insurance corporation power pending judicial proceedings
Sec 6-395.04. Right of subrogation of federal deposit insurance corporation
Sec 6-395.05. Effect of receivership proceedings on liens and limitations
Sec 6-395.06. Rights, powers and duties of a receiver
Sec 6-395.07. Sale of bank assets; authority to borrow monies; injunction; hearing
Sec 6-395.08. Rejection of contracts and leases on liquidation
Sec 6-395.09. Notice to claimants on liquidation
Sec 6-395.10. Disposition of unclaimed property
Sec 6-395.11. Priority of claims; interest
Sec 6-395.12. Payment of claims and distribution to stockholders on liquidation
Sec 6-395.13. Voluntary liquidation and dissolution
Sec 6-395.14. Voidable transactions
Sec 6-395.15. Notice of taking; effect