Article 1. General Provisions
Sec 6-401. Definitions
Sec 6-402. Scope of chapter; application to federal associations and federal savings banks
Sec 6-403. Prohibitions
Sec 6-404. General corporate powers
Sec 6-405. Power to borrow
Sec 6-405.01. Capital notes and debentures
Sec 6-406. Incidental powers
Article 2. Formation and Licensing
Sec 6-407. Applicants and initial capital
Sec 6-408. Application for permit to organize
Sec 6-409. Findings and hearings
Sec 6-410. Superintendent's approval and issuance of permit to organize
Sec 6-411. Subscription to capital and temporary organization
Sec 6-412. Completion of organization
Sec 6-413. Contents of articles of incorporation
Article 3. Membership and Management
Sec 6-414. Members
Sec 6-415. Members' meetings
Sec 6-416. Record date for voting, dividend and other purposes
Sec 6-417. Directors
Sec 6-418. Waiver of notice
Sec 6-419. Officers
Sec 6-420. Bonds of officers and employees
Sec 6-421. Access to books and records; communication with members
Article 4. Capital
Sec 6-422. Types of capital; personal property
Sec 6-423. Accounts
Sec 6-424. Shares of guaranty capital; nature; consideration
Sec 6-425. Shares of guaranty capital; authorization of issuance; minimum amount
Sec 6-426. Shares of guaranty capital; rights of existing shareholders
Sec 6-427. Shares of guaranty capital; advertisement; sales; collection of subscription
Sec 6-428. Retirement or reduction of shares of guaranty capital
Sec 6-429. Issuance, delivery, and transfer of certificates and account books
Sec 6-430. Who may hold capital and membership
Sec 6-432. Effect of payment to minor or fiduciary
Sec 6-433. Payment on disability or death of holder in his own right of account
Sec 6-434. Shares and accounts of certain associations as legal investments; deposit of fiduciary monies
Sec 6-435. Voluntary withdrawal of accounts
Sec 6-436. Maturity of shares
Sec 6-437. Enforced retirement of accounts
Sec 6-438. Authorized charges applicable to members
Sec 6-439. Accounts subject to liens
Sec 6-440. Apportionment of profits
Sec 6-442. Dividends and interest
Sec 6-443. Bonus plans
Sec 6-444. Promotional activities prohibited
Article 5. Investments and Powers
Sec 6-446. Other investments and powers
Sec 6-449. General loan contract provisions
Sec 6-450. Modification agreements
Sec 6-451. Servicing of loans
Sec 6-452. Purchase of real or personal property at forced sale
Sec 6-453. Purchase of real estate for office and rental purposes
Sec 6-454. Appraisal of real estate owned
Sec 6-456. Effect of unauthorized investments and loans; liability of officers
Sec 6-457. Appraisals
Sec 6-458. Acknowledgments
Article 6. Voluntary Corporate Changes
Sec 6-459. Amendment of articles of incorporation
Sec 6-460. Procedure to amend articles of incorporation
Sec 6-461. Existing associations; adoption of articles and by-laws
Sec 6-462. Conversion from state to federal association
Sec 6-463. Conversion from federal to state association
Sec 6-464. Effect of conversion
Sec 6-465. Merger of associations or corporations
Sec 6-466. Effect of merger
Article 7. Voluntary Liquidation
Sec 6-467. Authority to liquidate
Sec 6-468. Decision as to liquidation; adoption of plan
Sec 6-469. Election of liquidators; report; supervision
Sec 6-470. Protection and liquidation of assets
Sec 6-471. Filing and payment of claims
Sec 6-472. Final distribution and dissolution
Article 8. Supervision
Sec 6-474. Accounting practices and records
Sec 6-475. Branch office
Sec 6-476. Examination
Sec 6-477. Audit by public accountant
Sec 6-478. Reports to superintendent and members
Sec 6-479. Information to federal authorities
Sec 6-482. Receiver; appointment; transfer of assets; powers; liability
Sec 6-483. Procedure for liquidation; rights of share transferor
Sec 6-484. Illegal use of name; classification
Article 9. Rehabilitation and Reorganization
Sec 6-486. Rehabilitation of associations; definition of plan
Sec 6-487. Proposal of plan; petition; notice of hearing
Sec 6-488. Hearing; fairness of plan
Sec 6-489. Consents required for plan to operate; exceptions
Sec 6-490. Time of giving consents; jurisdiction of court
Sec 6-491. Effect of approval and consents
Sec 6-492. Appeals
Sec 6-493. Securities defined; power to issue under plan
Sec 6-494. Authority of fiduciaries
Article 10. Miscellaneous Provisions
Sec 6-495. Reservation of powers to legislature
Sec 6-496. Applicability of other statutes
Sec 6-497. Effect on existing associations