Chapter 7. ESCROW AGENTS  

Article 1. Administration
Sec 6-801. Definitions
Sec 6-802. Acknowledgment of report of examination; penalty
Article 2. Licensing
Sec 6-811. Exemptions
Sec 6-812. Foreign corporations
Sec 6-813. License of agent; nontransferable; posting
Sec 6-814. Procedure for licensing; surety bond
Sec 6-815. Renewal of license
Sec 6-816. Fees
Sec 6-817. Refusal to license; suspension; revocation
Article 3. Regulations
Sec 6-831. Records
Sec 6-832. Annual audit; report
Sec 6-833. Seizure of property of impaired escrow agent
Sec 6-833.01. Priority of distribution during receivership
Sec 6-834. Deposit of monies; definition
Sec 6-835. Limit of legal action
Sec 6-836. Commissions; other considerations prohibited
Sec 6-837. Duty of escrow agent to produce escrow records for inspection; violation; classification
Sec 6-838. Surrender of license
Sec 6-839. Continuing jurisdiction
Sec 6-840. Prohibitions; definitions
Sec 6-841. Internal control structure; definition
Sec 6-841.01. Fiduciary duty; notice of returned check
Sec 6-841.02. Liability of title insurer; closing protection letter; definition
Sec 6-841.03. Notice of uninsured monies; rules
Sec 6-843. Disbursements; applicability
Article 4. Escrow Rates
Sec 6-846. Making of escrow rates
Sec 6-846.01. Filing of escrow rates
Sec 6-846.02. Justification for escrow rates
Sec 6-846.03. Disapproval of escrow filings
Sec 6-846.04. Deviations in escrow rates; civil penalty