Article 1. General Provisions
Sec 6-851. Definitions
Sec 6-852. Exemptions and permitted activities
Sec 6-853. Certificate required; exceptions
Sec 6-854. Application for certificate
Sec 6-854.01. Articles of incorporation; approval; changes
Sec 6-854.02. Board of directors; number; bylaws
Sec 6-855. Fees
Sec 6-856. Minimum capital; dividends; other requirements
Sec 6-857. Issuance of certificate; hearing
Sec 6-859. Records; audits; preservation of records; protection; insurance; bond; contingency plan
Sec 6-860. Duty of trustee, escrow officer or agent to produce trust or escrow records for inspection; violation; classification
Sec 6-861. Reports
Sec 6-862. Trust funds
Sec 6-863. Suspension or revocation of certificate
Sec 6-864. Continuing jurisdiction
Sec 6-865. Unsafe condition; receivership
Sec 6-866. Limit of legal action
Sec 6-867. Trust company name
Sec 6-868. Fidelity bond; requirements
Sec 6-869. Meetings; reports; report of examination; response; penalties
Sec 6-870. Trust committee
Sec 6-870.01. Acceptance of other examinations; cooperative agreements
Sec 6-870.02. Prohibited acts
Article 2. Uniform Common Trust Fund Act
Sec 6-871. Establishment of common trust funds
Sec 6-872. Court accountings
Sec 6-873. Uniformity of interpretation
Sec 6-874. Short title
Article 3. Authorization to Accept Savings Accounts and Time Deposits
Sec 6-881. Definitions
Sec 6-882. Savings accounts and time deposits; insurance; withdrawal; notice